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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adventures in April

The girls love to have friends over and swim.
It is still pretty cold at this point, actually, but they are having fun and making memories anyway!

 Little fella is wearing his lucky shirt... well, that's what it says :-)
See his two cute little teeth there on the bottom :-)
He is into standing up on things now. He is still having mercy on me and is not walking! Yeah!
 The girls practicing archery with...

...the best coaches ever!
 Uncle Nate and Mr. Lloyd
The little boy really loves to do all things "climbing into"...
...even the oven drawer!
 And he LOVES it!
 AND he's super cute about it too!!
Yes. He turned right around and climbed back in!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Archery and Uncle Nate

Do you remember earlier when I told you that we had a REALLY awesome opportunity arise after we missed signups for the archery class on a field trip?
Well, here it is!
Uncle Nate started getting into archery!
He figured it all out, set himself up so he could practice, and then, helped set the girls up too!
Now, he has been giving the girls lessons! :-)
They are even getting pretty good at it!
And when they get even better, they can practice in the backyard instead of across the street in the open lot.
The boy and I like to watch. Nate is really the best!!
Thanks, Uncle Nate!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Soccer Girl

This is our sweet little
 She has been asking to play for a couple years now.
 One of the AWESOME moms in our homeschool group is the coach!
We are SOOO blessed!
 It is even really fun and relaxing and enjoyable to attend her games on Saturday mornings.
She LOVES SOCCER even more now that she is playing the game with her friends!