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Monday, July 16, 2012

Good Family, Good Eats

My wonderful Brother Nate and I have been working on our lack of grilling expertise. I am thinking that this meal shows no such lack! AND it tasted as wonderful as it looked! Mmm Mmm!
Nate found a smoker for an awesome price, cleaned it up and modified it (as per his name 'Nate Mod Anderson'), then asked if he could store it here while he hones his skills. Seriuosly!! HE ASKED!! Gotta love that guy! I have always known him to be a special gift from God, he just seems to be out to prove it these last few years :-)

Little Man LOVES to work on his 'Vooms". Spends hours doing it even. I think he is striving to be like Uncle Nate :-)

Here is a picture taken at church with some of Mini Chips buddies.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baking, Watches, and Temps

I love baking!
Lemon cupcakes with Classic American buttercream icing and a strawberry to make it pretty.
I think I will call the recipe: Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes :-)

About 2 months ago, I brought Mr. Cookie's watch in to get a new battery. I got it back this week. To make a long story short, the jeweler broke it taking the old battery out, so it had to be sent to their parent stop, who had to send it to the Seiko shop where they fixed it and sent it back down the line. We went to pick it up at the parent store located about an hour away but they had mistakenly transported it to the original place. The good news: Seiko is opening a store 5 minutes from our house. No more crazy watch business. (Of course, the first battery did last a solid 6 years or more...)
He is pretty happy to have it back :-)

The other day I didn't think I was going to make it through the day when I noticed that the temperature outside was still 109 degrees at 10pm. Turns out there was only 2 hours left in that day and I made it through! :-)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Musings

I baked a cake for a friends baby shower.
I love baking but it is not really the time of the year to get too carried away. It was 112 degrees outside when I seriously thought about skipping out and heading down to pick up a Costco cake. I am glad I stuck with it though. It turned out pretty cute, I think :-)

Grandpa and Grandma Cookie arrived and promptly got to playing and teaching the young ones. So grateful that they had a safe trip and are here to visit. :-)

Too cute! We were at our Pool Day with our Homeschool group and Mini Chip was getting tired. He built his own bed and tried to take a nap :-)

VBS Wrap-up Night's singing made the boy's eyes open and make him appear awake, but that doesn't mean he had to act the part. But Daddy sure makes a great recliner to safely check out the noisy business from. 

Mini Chip is plain pooped from all the learning, playing, and sweltering temperatures.

The big kids (including Mr. Cookie) swimming with Grandpa Cookie. After swimming around for a bit, Grandpa informed us that he had never been in a pool before. WOW!! The girls sure had fun showing him how fun it was to get a little excercise in! :-)

Grandma Cookie receiving singing lessons from the littlest one.

Sometimes random pictures turn up on my camera... LOVE IT!!

Oreo hanging out with her best buddies at Pool Day>

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beef... It's what's for dinner

So, we bought a beef, cow, freezer meat... whatever you call it.
It always amazes me how much there is and how little there is. Decisions and me... :-) I tend to be able to see two or more sides to things. Sometimes this makes me look wishy-washy I think. Sometimes it makes me look compassionate. Sometimes it just doesn't matter.
Either way, what you see here is actually half of our beef.
We took Grandpa Cookie to see Mr. Cookie's jobsite. The kids can never stop themselves from playing dressup even there :-) Lol.