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Monday, January 31, 2011



This is what we did on the last day of the month...

Build-your-own Monster Jam... LOL!!
Assemble the new carpet cleaner... with the little boy's help!

Chocolate Chip made us Mac-n-Cheese for lunch!
Mmm! Mmm!
 Tickle, Snuggle, and Wrestle...

Oreo made her first ever stir-fry! YUMMY!!
Relaxed in the tub... Ahhh... THAT's more like it!
Little guy just learned how to make the raspberry sound and fully enjoys practicing! LOL!

We are going to see 'Slim Goodbody' at the Orpheum Theatre this week, so we are studying the human body, it's systems, nutrition, fitness, digestion... and all that (including a lapbook which is so much fun) to prepare for the show and it seemed like a good time to tie all that in to our school year too.

Monster Jam Girls and Mini Chip

Okay, so I am told that Monster Jam is:
TOTALLY AWESOME! by Chocolate Chip,
LOUD and AMAZING! by Oreo, and
EXTREME! by Butterscotch Chip

While everyone was at Monster Jam, Mini Chip and I went to a new church with the neighbors, made a yummy stir fry for supper, and took a long, playful bath together.
It was a very nice evening. They didn't get home until 10:30ish... much later than I had thought they would. The church was very nice and the sermon was wonderful - detailing the beatitudes, and it was nice getting to know our neighbors a little. I'm pretty sure that it is not the church I will be attending regularly (I will keep it in mind though), but I wouldn't mind attending service with the neighbors on occasion.
Sunday we caught up on some much needed rest and did a few chores. Sunday night, Mini Chip decided to try licking his lips... CUTE!!!
After every bite, he would lick his lips, the point being of course to get the food off of them and into his mouth, but we think he pushed more food out than anything! He was determined though and couldn't figure out why everyone was laughing and looking at him!
:-) LOL :-)

Saturday, January 29, 2011


 COOKIES, of course!
These pictures are actually of his second cookie because we were enjoying watching him so much while he was eating his first one. LOL!

Too Cute!!

Sunny Saturday

Today has been a fun day so far...
Oreo and I went to Bountiful Baskets this morning and it was really quite chilly here at 5am.
(My toes were cold in my flip-flops anyway.)

Chocolate Chip had the neighbor girl sleep over last night and Oreo made the girls pancakes and hot cocoa for breakfast. I made Mr. Cookie and myself ham, egg, and cheese croissants. Mini Chip loves eggs and ham, so he had plenty also. We also had some oranges (Mini Chip thinks oranges are the best ever! I peel the orange and then break it in half and he chews that thing like crazy. He loves them!)

Later today, Mr. Cookie is taking the three girls to Monster Jam. They are SOOO excited! They are also planning to meet up with my brother Nate and his buddy Lloyd. Them, Scott, and a few others are all sitting together. Mini Chip and I are not sure what we are going to do, but we felt it would be too loud there for his little ears. Must be something fun... hmmm. Any suggestions?

Also, my new camera is here, so these are the first pictures with it (you probably don't remember but my camera broke the day before we moved into our house here in Arizona and with everything being so crazy for so long, I just got it turned in for them to send me a new one. I am SOOO happy to have my wonderful camera back and a huge thank you to Oreo for letting me use hers all of these months!
Thanks Oreo!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Arizona State Fair - Post Created 11/7/10 (but not published)

I have some old drafts of posts in the computer, I am going to just review them and finish anything that needs to be finished and post them. This is the first of many to come:
We tried a new church today. It was really fun with upbeat music. We sat near the front where I like (forces me to pay better attention) and we ran into Jennifer, she's the nice lady that told us about this church. The sermon was on recovery and forgiveness and moving beyond past mistakes. It was good, emotional, and informative. I have some teaching, training, and explaining to do with the kids now that they have been exposed to some new things... hmmm. We literally wrote our sins on a sheet of paper and walked up front to shred them. A number of different ideas have floated through my brain on how to make the most of this very literal "teaching tool". I believe that every experience is worth while and something can be gained from it whether it is expected or not...
 Then, we went to the Arizona State Fair! It was sooo fun! Nate and Lloyd chaperoned us girls and Mini Chip. Those two are so great! They were very patient and helpful and just plain wonderful!
Piggy-back rides... 
 Monster trucks...
 Oh, what a day!!
 Lucky for the girls, Uncle Nate is much more brave than I am!
Fried zucchini , french fries, onion rings...
Mmmmm! Ketchup... on a fork! LOL!
 Passed out baby... my view!
 Him's is sooo cute!

 After a meal of ketchup on a fork, one must compliment the meal with cotton candy ala fingers!
 Finger lickin' good!

Do I look brave?
I'm scared out of my wits at the top of the ferris wheel! Grrr!

What an awesome day!