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Monday, August 16, 2010

Counting blessings...

I am grateful...
...that receiving blankets can double as burp cloths if need be
...for healthy, happy children
...that my girls keep telling me how excited they are for school to start
...for bugs (so the cute little frogs have some supper too! :-0 )
...that most of my days are healthy ones feel needed and loved
...for the opportunity to visit Arizona
...that God even cares enough to work on me
...for Mini Chips sweet smiles
...for Maggie's leg massage :-)
...the smell of my baby's breath
...for the opportunity to homeschool my children
...for friends and family
...mostly that there is so much good in every day.

Feeling better already!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Broccoli Cauliflower Soup

Mmmm! I love a good soup! Especially one that comes together quickly and tastes great. I got this recipe from another blog. I didn't add the extra basil right off, but I did when it was done for the added flavor. Next time I will just add it from the start.
Here is the link:
From there go to the recipe label and you will find it. She has lots of great recipes on her blog too.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Some bugs are the same, like the common housefly, they are no different here.
Some bugs in Arizona are different from bugs in Minnesota
but bugs are bugs right,
well, except that last one there.

This is a tiny Arizona bug:

This is a big Arizona Bug:

This is a scary Arizona bug:

Butterscotch Chip found that scorpion in the hallway. It was late and I did not have my glasses on. I thought it was a little piece of cardboard from one of the boxes around here. I even asked her if she was sure... she was! YIKES!! She is my hero! I stomped on him with my shoe and then stuck him to a piece of tape.

Now he is going to be scrapbooked... a likely fate really (I'll save him for you in December Julie :-P ) LOL! Seriously, though, we are praying not to see any more of those. Mini Chip is the one to worry about, my brother said to put double-sided tape on the legs of his crib and not have it against the wall. We will do that and check on having the house sprayed or something... not too sure yet... this is too new to us.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Unpacking and a Happy Birthday!

Friday I unpacked a bunch of boxes in the kitchen... and found this treasure among the countless boxes. Thanks Sister! I love and miss you too!

In the evening the big kids got to enjoy the pool...
And the little ones got to take a bath in Mom's "hot tub"...
...too cute and snuggly!!

Friday night I got sick. :-( Very sick!
Saturday Mr. Cookie and Butterscotch Chip got sick. :-( Very sick!
Saturday night Peanut Butter Cookie got sick. :-( Very sick!

Sunday it was my birthday.
The girls made me breakfast in bed... the first of my life!
They even made me birthday crowns and an awesome Happy Birthday banner! That's what they were doing when I couldn't get out of bed the day before!
I am so blessed!
Mr. Cookie promised to bring me out for my birthday when we feel better.

Later in the day they made the cutest and sweetest TV show for me complete with a remote control and a channel guide made from one of the many cardboard boxes around here. SWEET!

Sunday night Oreo Cookie got sick. :-( Very sick!

:-(   And now the 'Arizona Crud' has made all the Cookies crumble!   :-(

Friday, August 6, 2010

Unloading and moving in!

The kids got to pick out their rooms and are very excited! They love the remote controls for the lights and ceiling fans.
Of course a little horsing around is always manditory! Especially with Peanut Butter Cookie!
Thursday, as I was packing up the hotel, Chocolate Chip was sick - very sick! The cookie crumbs were flying out of that kid from every direction!!
Mr. Cookie had gone on ahead to meet with the moving truck and start unloading.

Chocolate Chip could hardly move and did alot of sleeping. Her big sisters made a bed for her out of pillows as soon as they could.
The very first thing we unloaded and set up was Mini Chips favorite toy...
his fishes!
After the dust settled, we had a very special delivery from one of our new neighbors...
...chocolate chip oatmeal bars complete with a jug of milk, napkins, plates, and cups!!!
:-)   Perfect for the cookie family! How did they know?!   ;-)
Thank you Ed and Emily!!
It was wonderful to meet them and we are so glad to have good, friendly neighbors again!
Reminded me of my last neighbor and how very thoughtful and sweet she always is... :-)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Our trip to Arizona

We stayed at our first hotel in Lakeville, Minnesota. Not too far from home but we left and that is what counts. We sure thought we would be leaving earlier in the day but we found that if we looked for something else that needed to be done, we would find it every time. So we left late and at the end of the day... mostly just to actually leave and be done.

We decided to not take the shortest route but to do some sight-seeing on the way. We headed to South Dakota to see the Corn Palace, Wall Drug, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse. We also swung through Custer, SD to see my mom's painted buffalo. She is an amazing artist!

After staying the night in South Dakota, we headed through Wyoming and down across Colorado into New Mexico. We stayed in Albequerque and had the most wonderful breakfast there. We pulled into our hotel in Glendale, Arizona at about supper time on Sunday, August 1, 2010.

In all we drove almost 2,000 miles to get here.
The truck won't be here until Thursday, August 5. We will be staying at the hotel here until then.