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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Some bugs are the same, like the common housefly, they are no different here.
Some bugs in Arizona are different from bugs in Minnesota
but bugs are bugs right,
well, except that last one there.

This is a tiny Arizona bug:

This is a big Arizona Bug:

This is a scary Arizona bug:

Butterscotch Chip found that scorpion in the hallway. It was late and I did not have my glasses on. I thought it was a little piece of cardboard from one of the boxes around here. I even asked her if she was sure... she was! YIKES!! She is my hero! I stomped on him with my shoe and then stuck him to a piece of tape.

Now he is going to be scrapbooked... a likely fate really (I'll save him for you in December Julie :-P ) LOL! Seriously, though, we are praying not to see any more of those. Mini Chip is the one to worry about, my brother said to put double-sided tape on the legs of his crib and not have it against the wall. We will do that and check on having the house sprayed or something... not too sure yet... this is too new to us.

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