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Monday, August 9, 2010

Unpacking and a Happy Birthday!

Friday I unpacked a bunch of boxes in the kitchen... and found this treasure among the countless boxes. Thanks Sister! I love and miss you too!

In the evening the big kids got to enjoy the pool...
And the little ones got to take a bath in Mom's "hot tub"...
...too cute and snuggly!!

Friday night I got sick. :-( Very sick!
Saturday Mr. Cookie and Butterscotch Chip got sick. :-( Very sick!
Saturday night Peanut Butter Cookie got sick. :-( Very sick!

Sunday it was my birthday.
The girls made me breakfast in bed... the first of my life!
They even made me birthday crowns and an awesome Happy Birthday banner! That's what they were doing when I couldn't get out of bed the day before!
I am so blessed!
Mr. Cookie promised to bring me out for my birthday when we feel better.

Later in the day they made the cutest and sweetest TV show for me complete with a remote control and a channel guide made from one of the many cardboard boxes around here. SWEET!

Sunday night Oreo Cookie got sick. :-( Very sick!

:-(   And now the 'Arizona Crud' has made all the Cookies crumble!   :-(

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  1. That stinks! Sorry to hear that everybody got sick! The pool looks like great fun though!