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Friday, August 6, 2010

Unloading and moving in!

The kids got to pick out their rooms and are very excited! They love the remote controls for the lights and ceiling fans.
Of course a little horsing around is always manditory! Especially with Peanut Butter Cookie!
Thursday, as I was packing up the hotel, Chocolate Chip was sick - very sick! The cookie crumbs were flying out of that kid from every direction!!
Mr. Cookie had gone on ahead to meet with the moving truck and start unloading.

Chocolate Chip could hardly move and did alot of sleeping. Her big sisters made a bed for her out of pillows as soon as they could.
The very first thing we unloaded and set up was Mini Chips favorite toy...
his fishes!
After the dust settled, we had a very special delivery from one of our new neighbors...
...chocolate chip oatmeal bars complete with a jug of milk, napkins, plates, and cups!!!
:-)   Perfect for the cookie family! How did they know?!   ;-)
Thank you Ed and Emily!!
It was wonderful to meet them and we are so glad to have good, friendly neighbors again!
Reminded me of my last neighbor and how very thoughtful and sweet she always is... :-)

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  1. Wow! It seems so much more real now that I can see you all in your house! Hope everybody is feeling okay! Miss you neighbor!