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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Special visitors...

Grandma and Grandpa cookie visited us.
Here is some of what we did while they were visiting...
 Lemonade party and sitting in the sun... hanging out outside. :-)
Chit-chatting and catching up...

 Celebrating a birthday...
Having fun...
 Climbed Estrella Mountain...

Cute Baby...
Grandpa feeding the Cute Baby...
 We attended SCA Estrella Wars...

 Chocolate Chip had the opportunity to hold this falcon after learning about falconry.
 Here are some of the people in costume...
 Watching a war...
 Playing darts and hanging out.
The girls kept beating Grandpa at cards!
LOL!!    :-)
We went out to the Spotted Donkey Cantina...
We watched the sun sets...

and celebrated another birthday...
Thanks for the great visit Grandma and Grandpa!!
We LOVE you and look forward to our next visit!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chocolate Chip Turns 8!

SHE'S Eight!
SHE'S Eight!
Ain't it GREAT!!
The girl is EIGHT!!!!

She starts horseback riding lessons today too!
It really is great to be eight!!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Mini Chip... the crawler!

Just look at this boy go!
Okay, it's a purple van and a doll is in it...
he is a baby brother to three big sisters!
And YES! I am wearing flip-flops...
but I REALLY miss the snow and the bundle up by the fire weather!
I'm thinking that is not warming you.
I am also thinking that you must be thinking how much you love me right now!
You know who you are!
And I love you too!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Right now...

Right now I am hearing...

my girls and Grandpa giggling while playing Uno on the patio! :-)

Right now I am thinking...

of my Mother-in-law Cookie wearing Oreo's beautiful hat! :-)

Right now I am listening...

to my husband and baby boy laugh! :-)

Right now I am feeling...

SOOO very blessed!!!

 :-)  ;-)  :-)

Thanks God!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Butterscotch Chip's Golden 14th!

We are so excited around here because it is

Butterscotch Chips
Golden 14th Birthday!! 
Isn't she just BEAUTIFUL!!!

I am very blessed and thankful to have this girl for my daughter!
She is kind and sweet and loving! She is feeling more and more confident and growing smarter and more awesome with each passing year!!
She is simply a wonderful young lady!!

Just in case you don't know, it is her golden birthday because she is the same age as her birthday ~ 14 on the 14th.
We will be celebrating this evening with ice cream cake, gifts, and fun games!

Mr. Cookies parents arrive tonight too!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Maggie... the doggie?

Well, she seems to sure think she is lately!
She picks pieces of her food up and drops them in her water dish!

Just look at the mess this kitty makes!
She also hangs out in the kitchen while I am cooking waiting for things to drop for her to sample.
Goofy cat!
She thinks she is a little guardian mama watching over the baby while he plays or sleeps. She is NEVER too far away!
She watches over and snuggles her sick kid and helps her to feel better:
And she plays and acts like a kitty still too, jumping, sliding, and hiding.
We love our kitty-catdog!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Weekend

Super Bowl Weekend was half work weekend and half fun weekend.
Friday night the girls pulled out the Easy Bake Oven... my kids sure seem to love this thing!
Mini Chip is all about recycling.
Saturday we did some cleaning, organizing, and decluttering in the bedrooms and the garage. It builds up SOOO fast!
Sunday was more of the same and then we went to a Super Bowl party with Nate and his friends. It was tons of fun!
I made these yummy desserts to share:
I don't really know what to call them... puff pastry with milk chocolate, whipped vanilla pudding mousse, and strawberries... YUMMMMM! Yes, they really were that good!
The theme of the party food was Mexican so we also brought a veggie tray and chips with homemade salsa.

Mini Chip was having so much fun! He let so many people hold him, I was amazed! He is such a happy, good natured little boy!
I am so grateful to be his Mommy!!
There were lots of other children there too, so all of the kids loved it and had lots of fun playing cards, running around, and just being kids together. Mr. Cookie had a really good time yelling at the big screens with the big boys and I had a very nice time chatting with the ladies and watching the game. All in all this was one of the very nicest weekends we have had here in Arizona.
The little fella refused to take a nap while with the big guys at the party... so when he finally passed out... he was OUT! LOL!

How was your weekend?
Did you do anything for the big game?

All my love,

Friday, February 4, 2011

Wells Fargo History Museum

The girls posed for a picture outside the Phoenix City Hall that was right by the buildings we were visiting.

After the Slim Goodbody show at The Orpheum Theatre we had lunch at a street vendor and then decided to visit the Wells Fargo History Museum.
It was all about the history of Wells Fargo Co. of course.
We had fun looking around and doing the activities they had there. We printed American Dollar Bills with our faces on them.
We took a simulated ride in a stage coach:

We printed a newspaper with each of our photos on it that was about the Pony Express that used to be owned by Wells Fargo 150 years ago.
We also used some machines that used to be for punching holes in checks. Apparently this is where the phrase "cut a check" came from.
Here is my little guy in his Ergo carrier... I love this thing!
He is such a happy little boy!
God has been very, very good to me.

Love and hugs,