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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Human Body Unit

As part of studying about the human body and it's systems, we made life-sized cutouts of the kids...
... and the cat! LOL!!
It is hard to see in the pictures, but the cutouts do have legs and arms... The project kind of morphed into a more artistic, designing thing than I had originally planned, I just let the girls imaginations go! It was VERY cool! They wanted clothes on their persons too, not organs! What if someone saw them! LOL!! In the end the baby wound up with the organs and the cat made a life-sized replica of herself as well! LOL!!

Tuesday is library day here, so this week we tried another new library...
Chocolate Chip even ran into an AWANA friend there!
WOW!! :-)

At this library the librarian told us about another branch library that was alot bigger, so, we went there too! 
There was this life-sized metal tree there called The Learning Tree. Really cool!

Tomorrow we go to the Slim Goodbody show!


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