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Friday, February 4, 2011

Slim Goodbody Show

The Slim Goodbody Show was wonderful and if it comes to your area I highly recommend it! Especially if you have elementary age kids, it does a very good job of being educational and fun all at the same time. Here is the website if you want to check it out:
(It looks like he will be in Minnesota in May.)
This trip was especially wonderful for me because for one, it was held at The Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix and let me tell you that this building is pretty sensational!
You can kind of see the outside of it in the background there but it really does it no justice at all! It is amazing! Here are some shots of the inside, again, does it no justice... but amazing!

I studied Architecture in college and I just love these buildings that are very ornate, detailed, and just beautiful!
Another thing that I loved so much about today is that Mr. Cookie came with us! :-) It always makes me happy to spend family time with our big guy. Here he is with some of the homeschool group we went there with.
We had front row seating! We have never sat in the front row like that before... pretty cool!
Slim even waved at Baby Mini Chip! (Which was a thrill for the big kids, but he didn't really take much notice.)
After the show, we went to this street vendor for lunch, that was a fun experience too!
We talked with the ladies that run it for a bit and learned that there is a whole lot more to being a street vendor than first meets the eye! There are lots of permits, inspections, auctions for locations, and on and on! We ate lunch on the street there too, well, at the bench along side the street that is.
What a day!! We had so much fun!

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