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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

This year is going to be very different for New Year's Eve.

I must admit that I have grown quite tired of the new, new, new.
Not that I am ready to be done with our adventure, just that I could really use some good old normal. You know, like not having any plans and just hanging out at home with my people and enjoying them.
Soon I am told, soon.

And so, my little-ish people and I have been planning and planning for our New Year's celebration. Everyone chose a favorite food of the year and we will have those things banquet style tonight. I wanted to try playing every game in the house before midnight, but the kids are a little too intimidated to do that. We will still play some games and make lists of goals for the next year and memories from the past year. We will probably watch a movie and then watch the ball drop, toast with our yummy sparkling cider to a wonderful and adventurous new year, and snuggle til morning in a tent in the living room... :-) Bliss... well, almost... I will miss my honey... but he will be home soon from the sand dunes. He and Peanut Butter are there with my brother and his friends riding quads and sand rails... boy stuff.
Hope you have wonderful plans or a sweet lack thereof.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sooo Blessed!

Oh My! We are soo blessed in so many ways!

This time I am talking about a couple of packages that have arrived...
For our classroom we have received a VERY generous and VERY wonderful and VERY spectacular gift!

Well, several of them actually...

Four Microscopes

Four Magic Rocks

and Four Giant Volcanoes!

Can you stand it!! Even the teacher gets to participate first hand!

We love Science around here (and History and Reading and Math and... come to think of it, we love all subjects, even Spelling... Homeschool is the BEST!!)

Oh My!
What blessings!

Thank you! Thank you! To our wonderful blesser! Thank you!


P.S. We found scorpion #14 on the master bedroom wall this morning around 5am. Please keep us in your prayers that no one is hurt by them and that our efforts to safeguard our home and family from them are successful soon. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HE'S HERE!! :-)

Our big boy...
...has arrived!
:-)   :-)   :-)   ;-)   :-)   :-)   :-)

Back to School...

This is how we started the day.
Love It!!
(That doll and her hair in there represents where I was :-))
We had such an exciting day scheduled.
First, we went back to school in earnest today...
 They worked so hard and were so attentive...
I could tell they were happy to be back too.
And later we had a wonderful surprise arrive...
After he arrived, we went to Claim Jumpers for supper and a HUGE slice of their Overload Chocolate cake to share. Mmmm chocolate dreams...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Returning to normal...

Today we are working on getting back to a normal routine. For me the 'by the seat of your pants' way of life is ideal (at least in theory LOL!). However, not for my children. And not if I want to have anything really get done. This morning with tears in her eyes, Chocolate Chip asked if we could please go back to school. What could I say. There is something about routine and structure that humans thrive on... especially little humans.
Cleaning our classroom and reorganizing is a must before we can actually start learning. After some cleaning, the children went outside to run off some energy and just play and be kids that are not in a car driving somewhere. They played soccer with a volleyball. :-)
 I picked the weeds from the rocks and started making rolls for supper. My husband loves bread and I have been trying forever to figure it out. I got rustic bread down, well almost. Now I am trying yet another recipe for regular bread. One of these times I am going to get it. Yesterday was not it... today is still hopeful. :-) I'll let you know how it goes.
 This afternoon we played some math games and laughed together... :-)
 We tried a new recipe for Hamburger Stroganoff for supper with those rolls. It was really good but a little salty. The rolls were pretty good, but the Roll Man wasn't here when they came out of the oven, so, we will have to try again. Good thing I shaped and froze half of the recipe... :-)

Peanut Butter Cookie arrives here tomorrow! YEAH!! We are sooo excited to see him!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

HELLO!! :-) It's Me! I'm back!

Hi! I am back from our adventures. I am amazed at how fast time goes. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to visit Minnesota and this morning I find myself both happy and sad. So, I will make a list... that ALWAYS helps me! :-)

I am SAD because:
1. I miss everyone in Minnesota.
2. I feel that I belong in Minnesota and am missing out by not being there.
3. Our trip 'home' is over.
4. Some of you made homemade chicken noodle soup and chili too and I missed it. :-(
5. I miss my husband, and he is at work early this morning
6. The 'return home adjustment period' sucks!
7. I ordered up a WHOLE bunch of snow and had to leave it with you guys.

I am HAPPY because:
1. We had safe travels.
2. We are all home and safe and wonderfully exhausted. (And the children are sleeping all snug in their beds... :-)
3. Mr. Cookie picked us up from the airport and was sooo happy to see us.
4. We are still on our wonderful adventure to Arizona.
5. The 'return home adjustment period' will not last forever, has already begun, and will end soon. :-)
6. God sent all of that SNOW I ordered (Isn't He Awesome!). I LOVE snow!!
7. We get to learn how to build a tumbleweed snowman... hmmm! :-)
8. I started a batch of chicken noodle soup yesterday and a poolish for homemade rustic italian bread to go with it for supper tonight! YUM!!
9. Tonight we get to put up our nativity, decorate our tree, CHRISTmas music, CHRISTmas movies... :-)
10. It is always good to be home no matter what 'state' you are in.

YUP! I do feel better! Going to make some more lists...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Adventure Break...

The good news:
We have been on and are still going on adventures!

The bad news:
I can't tell you about them right now.

I'll keep you posted as soon as I can!