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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sooo Blessed!

Oh My! We are soo blessed in so many ways!

This time I am talking about a couple of packages that have arrived...
For our classroom we have received a VERY generous and VERY wonderful and VERY spectacular gift!

Well, several of them actually...

Four Microscopes

Four Magic Rocks

and Four Giant Volcanoes!

Can you stand it!! Even the teacher gets to participate first hand!

We love Science around here (and History and Reading and Math and... come to think of it, we love all subjects, even Spelling... Homeschool is the BEST!!)

Oh My!
What blessings!

Thank you! Thank you! To our wonderful blesser! Thank you!


P.S. We found scorpion #14 on the master bedroom wall this morning around 5am. Please keep us in your prayers that no one is hurt by them and that our efforts to safeguard our home and family from them are successful soon. Thank you.

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