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Monday, January 17, 2011

Arizona State Fair - Post Created 11/7/10 (but not published)

I have some old drafts of posts in the computer, I am going to just review them and finish anything that needs to be finished and post them. This is the first of many to come:
We tried a new church today. It was really fun with upbeat music. We sat near the front where I like (forces me to pay better attention) and we ran into Jennifer, she's the nice lady that told us about this church. The sermon was on recovery and forgiveness and moving beyond past mistakes. It was good, emotional, and informative. I have some teaching, training, and explaining to do with the kids now that they have been exposed to some new things... hmmm. We literally wrote our sins on a sheet of paper and walked up front to shred them. A number of different ideas have floated through my brain on how to make the most of this very literal "teaching tool". I believe that every experience is worth while and something can be gained from it whether it is expected or not...
 Then, we went to the Arizona State Fair! It was sooo fun! Nate and Lloyd chaperoned us girls and Mini Chip. Those two are so great! They were very patient and helpful and just plain wonderful!
Piggy-back rides... 
 Monster trucks...
 Oh, what a day!!
 Lucky for the girls, Uncle Nate is much more brave than I am!
Fried zucchini , french fries, onion rings...
Mmmmm! Ketchup... on a fork! LOL!
 Passed out baby... my view!
 Him's is sooo cute!

 After a meal of ketchup on a fork, one must compliment the meal with cotton candy ala fingers!
 Finger lickin' good!

Do I look brave?
I'm scared out of my wits at the top of the ferris wheel! Grrr!

What an awesome day!

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