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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Day

The first day of a brand new year!
It's so exciting!
Oh, the possibilities!!

On the last day of 2010 this is what we did...
See those little tiny orange looking things on the bananas by the little Cuties clementines? Those are kumquats. They are only about the size of the end of my thumb. We used to live on kumquat street and never knew what a kumquat was. So, in honor of all the new things we have experienced in 2010, we tried something new on the last day too. Oreo LOVES them because they are VERY, VERY sour.
Little fella tried something new too. A banana in a contraption. He LOVES bananas and this 'fresh food feeder' by Munchkin lets him chew on one. Pretty cool invention since I do not have to worry about him choking on it. In the short time between babies they have come up with some pretty cool new stuff.

This is our favorite food of 2010 menu that we decided on:
Beef tips, carrots, celery, and aus jus
(Resembles pot roast, but it's not really.)
Fruit tray with chocolate fondue
'Don't you want me babies' with whipped cream
(More commonly known as Chips Ahoy cookies, Chocolate Chip has lovingly called them by this name since the commercials sang that song in a car... LOL!)

It seems we had a theme going... something to do with dips... Lol!

Mini Chip is trying to stand all of a sudden! Uh-Oh! Lol!
We played the new games the girls received for Christmas gifts while we waited for the clock to turn to the new year. (We actually toasted twice. Once with Minnesota and once with Arizona. Butterscotch Chip just couldn't keep going to the Arizona celebration, so, she went to bed after the Minnesota one.)
I Spy Eagle Eye was tons of fun and we kept playing for a long time. We will play this one again for sure!
In A Pickle was super fun too, but required more brain power than our overtired brains had. What a great game for school! I look forward to utilizing this one to expand the girls vocabulary and increase their understanding of words and how they can work together. Yeah!!
Sumoku! Oh My! My little math lover and her sister both liked this one. Again, we only played about a half of a game due to our lack of energy and brain power (we are definitely a family that NEEDS our beauty sleep)! LOL! It was great fun though and we will definitely be playing this one lots!

Just look at my beauties!
I am a most blessed woman to have such wonderful, thoughtful, sweet, adorable, smart, creative... children!
I love them soo much!

I am hoping you had a wonderful last day of the year 2010 also!


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  1. The food looks awesome! Wish I was there with you, makes my cheese dip look lame! Looks like it was a blast! Miss You!