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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Birthdays...

Nate and I got to celebrate our birthdays together at Benihana! We have not celebrated our birthdays together in person since we were kids.
 One of the VERY GREATEST things about being in Arizona is getting to know him again after all these years :-)
 He's a great guy!
He stopped over later to test his scuba gear in our pool...
... AND taught the girls and Jim!!!!
 Very Exciting! But first he and I had this idea crazy idea! The pool was really warm, like 95 degrees warm, so we thought that putting some ice in it would maybe cool it off...
... we put 20 giant ice blocks in the pool! TeeHee!! LOL!!!
It didn't cool the pool off any, but it sure cooled the kids off! They stood on them, hugged them, swam around and licked them! HeeHee!! Very fun!

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