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Monday, June 25, 2012

Snow Cones and The Game of Life

Little Mini Chip was laughing when Butterscotch pressed this thing on his face. LOL!! It made the neatest impression. I hope you can see his sweet little face in there.  :-)

Butterscotch found this huge agate in a mud canyon while we were camping! Very cool! Except that I almost threw it out with the rest of the rocks the girls are always collecting. I will be paying better attention in the future to what kind of rocks they have fallen in love with :-)

The girls pooled their money and bought a really cool snow cone machine. It is wonderful to see them cooperating together and enjoying each others company. In this state it sure has been fun! It's like summer time "Tea Parties" :-)
It is fun to come up with different flavors and how to make them more "healthy". I am thinking we should see if cherry limeade slushies are tasty tonight :-) Definitely not "healthy" but super nummy for sure!

At church today we were reminded of the 4th commandment to keep Holy the Sabbath day. To rest. So that is what we did. We rested in each others company. Played games, laughed, giggled, and spoiled ourselves with butterscotch bars and cherry limeade. Mmm mmm yumm-o!!

God has been so good to our family! We are currently waiting for Mr. Cookies parents to arrive with our sweet Peanut Butter Cookie. Grandpa and Grandma Cookie are visiting for 2 weeks but the boy is staying and working with Dad for a while! It is hard to believe how old that kid has gotten :-) I sure am glad he decided to age for me since I think I like being young at heart :-)

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