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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Do pinkies go out or stay in?

The wonderful and spectacular Auntie Cookie visited us on Monday this week! She is soo loved!! Monday we had fried rice for supper and...
even Chocolate Chip thought it was good... with her eyes closed anyway!
Mini Chip still thinks big sister cookies are the best! And this Mom thinks Butterscotch Chip is especially good with Mini Chip. Butterscotch is working hard at being more cooperative and helpful. It makes me so happy how she really wants to be the best big sister she can be not just for Mini Chip but for her sisters also. What a joy my girl is! Thanks Butterscotch Chip!
Chocolate Chip loves to have feathers in her hands and say REALLY loudly "I believe I can Fly!" while jumping up and down or off the stairs. She was also being my little kitty cat on Monday, you can kind of see the little kitty mask on top of her head.
The girls entertained themselves making finger shadows for an amazingly long time on Tuesday. It was fun to see the different things they came up with.
Oreo, Chocolate Chip, and her friend love to play with babies, especially now that they have a real live baby to play with. Can you believe my little guy actually fits in that tiny cradle!
This is an outfit that all of the cookie kids have worn in their first weeks.
Oreo and I took some special time together to have "coffee" on Wednesday while our van was getting a much needed oil change. The only real question is this: Is cappuccino really coffee? We are not sure! :-) It was so nice to be able to really listen to her and focus on her for a little while. She has been so helpful with Mini Chip and all of the things we need to get done before we move. It is a joy to have such a wonderful daughter! Thanks Oreo!! And to my great surprise, when we got home, Butterscotch Chip, Chocolate Chip, and her friend were having a tea party! The great debate was "do pinkies go out or stay in". Grandma Cookie and I love tea and drink a great deal of it. I like many different kinds of tea but Grandma Cookie really only drinks Lipton tea and that is what Butterscotch loves too. And now Chocolate Chip loves Lipton tea too! With lots of honey of course! Amazing!!

And so I ask you... is cappuccino really coffee? And do pinkies go out or stay in?

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  1. That's fantastic! You all are having a lot of fun over there! I have NO IDEA about the coffee question! We had a puppy by that name once upon a time and the theme of the liter was "coffee names." WE had a mocha, an expresso, etc. So by that definition, I'd say yes-it's coffee! :o)

    I think my girls would say pinkies out for the girls, pinkies in for the boys! lol