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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Umm, Where's October? Part 2

We arrived back in Phoenix on Thursday afternoon. The kids had to be over to my friends house that evening so that I could catch the early am flight to Minnesota to take care of some business there.
I admit it was crazy.
The family that the girls stayed with is absolutely wonderful!

Mini Chip did pretty good on the flight.
He was rewarded with some pretty special time with Daddy :-)
Peanut Butter turned 17 while we were here!
That boy amazes me!
So happy to be able to see him and spend some time with him!
We got the shed moved and the house cleaned out but best of all...
we were able to see some of our favorite people!
We weren't able to see everyone since it was a working trip but we are very grateful to have seen the ones did!
 LOVED the weather!!!
The airport had this little toddler play area that Mini Chip and I were so happy to come across!
The girls had a good time too.
Oreo made this new recipe up with tuna, kalamata olives, northern beans, italian dressing, onions, and stuff, mixed with lettuce... numm-o!
 Melon lovin' boy!
We made homemade oreo cookies for Chocolate Chip's soccer team.
Oreo made Super Nummy Soup!
Can you tell we are really happy to not be eating out?

Homeschool Park Day friends!

It was pretty great!

Chocolate Chip finished up the soccer season.
With her best buddies!
And Daddy...
 and Uncle Nate made it to the game!

 The boy REALLY loves balls!

Later, Mr. Cookie and I went out for our Happy Anniversary!
And it really is Happy! I love that man!!!

Oreo Cookie is into all things Amish. She decided to make an Amish outfit.
She worked hard and it really turned out well!

Pumpkin carving is so much fun!
 But let's face it...
 We do it for the seeds!
Mmm, Mmm, Numm-o!!!

We had a last minute Fall Celebration at our house...

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