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Monday, November 21, 2011

New Opportunities

I just have a little something in my brain that is not allowing me to sleep, so, I thought I would share it here.

Today at church we got to hear from an awesome missionary couple. You may or may not have ever been inspired by one of these folks, but let me just tell you that my husband and I would LOVE to be able to just hang out and listen to them for a good long while. Such passion, determination, and vision. It is refreshing to hear someone speak like them. The man with such open respect for women and encouragement to men to be men, to know what they believe and why and to be able to recite it chapter and verse so that if the time ever were to arise that you need it, you got it. Just awesome!

The missionaries we heard from were with and

After church, I was speaking with a friend. She mentioned that her family was planning on going to an orphanage in Mexico and needed to get their passports. A family missions trip where the children play with the children, the women cook and feed them, and the men put together bunk beds and the like.

Serving. Missions. Something that I have only heard of in my life in recent years (at least that I have understood it). Mr. Cookie and I are both hopeful to join this trip to serve with our children. I am excited to think of what each of us will learn and draw from the experience. Excited. A real opportunity, a fit for a family like mine, not huge and scary, but exciting and hopeful.

I have thought only a little about things like these in the past, mostly I just volunteer locally as it fit into my schedule or as I heard of the need. The idea of missions has always sounded like something that I myself am not noble enough for, faithful enough for... the list goes on. Right now I feel like God is bringing an opportunity to our family. Another taste of something we didn't know before.

Sometimes I think I get so wrapped up in 'my life' that I forget or don't even notice that there is a whole lot more going on in our world. And that we can make an impact on it if we want to. Perhaps it will help myself and each individual in my family be grateful and thankful. Not just for who we are but to know what it is like to be that person that helps others and acts like 'the hands and feet of Jesus' instead of wondering what that would be like. I have been thinking that we all leave here having made an impact here big or small, good or bad, our own little ripple in time to be remembered by many, like the missionaries I listened to today, or by a few, like me, but that the ripple is important.

I am going back to bed now. I know that my path is altered today from where it was yesterday and that is the real reason I am awake.

Full of thankfulness and praise,
Mrs. Cookie

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