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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Arizona here we come...

Mini Chip was an excellent passenger on his first airplane ride at four weeks old heading to Phoenix, Arizona. Daddy even gave us his first-class seat so we would have extra room for nursing and stuff. It was nice and I was feeling pretty spoiled really. Tuesday we spent at Mr. Cookie's office and then went to look at a house for rent. Wednesday we had to go to a job site up the mountain in Drake, AZ. We came across this beautiful cross made from scrap metal on our way up the mountain. The jobsite elevation is 3633 feet above Phoenix.
It was a long, beautiful drive up the mountain.

We had prime rib dinner at the neatest little place, CD's Cattle Co. The food and the atmosphere was fabulous. My sweet little Mini Chip decided that if Mom was eating, he needed to eat too! You can see him there howling about it. Mr. Cookie, being the world's best problem solver, fixed it for us... he made it so I only needed one arm to eat. Thanks Mr. Cookie!!

I found this neat little book store and just couldn't stop myself from dropping in! They even had books on the front and back porches...

Just look at my adorable baby!!

This is my favorite store in Arizona! If you ever find yourself in Chino Valley, you simply have to stop here!! The owner is wonderful and her boys are so fun! She has a huge assortment of crafts, gifts, decor items and so much more...
I feel much better about moving to Arizona since having met her. She says to look out for scorpions, centipedes, and rattle snakes. That's not the part that made me feel better!!!

We saw this amazing and strange rainbow on the way back to Phoenix.
The view was breath-taking the whole way!

Our flight was delayed returning to Minneapolis, so we had to hang out in the airport for a bit.

And here it is... the outside of our Arizona house...

The kitchen area...

The backyard...

And the pool!

It feels good to know where we will be living, especially since it is only a couple short weeks away. We will be doing mostly packing from here on out I suspect...


  1. Love the picture of your little guy in the towel! So precious! The house is gorgeous! You will be very comfortable there! Arizona does look very pretty, I bet you'll see a lot of lovely sunsets!

    If you need me to come over one afternoon to help pack for a couple hours (then I can get the rest of the story :o)) I will try to make it happen! I am a professional packer dontcha know?! lol

    Glad your back!

  2. Thats a really beutiful place that u r renting in arizona!!!