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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Odds and Ends...

This chair has been in storage at my in-laws house for more than a year. It has got to be the most comfy chair to nurse a baby in!
I LOVE it and am so grateful it is back!

Just look at my smiley-faced baby boy! Adorable I tell you!!

Look how sweet he is when he is sleeping! Notice how his little hands are making a heart shape... he is telling his mommy how much he loves her!  :-)

This is one of my older brothers and his girlfriend and her daughter. They came and visited us the other night. He is an awesome barbeque chef! We had steaks and kabobs and ate like kings and queens! They will be very missed and we hope they visit us in Arizona!
The girls and their friend dressed up... they are so silly and fun too!
Mini Chip says "My Daddy doesn't have to fly away from me anymore!! YEAH!!"

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