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Monday, March 14, 2011

BUBBA's HERE!! + Sparks and T&T AWANA Games

It's been a busy week!
Peanut Butter arrived here on Thursday!
And the Cookie Brothers... well, they ate cookies together! LOL!!

And the silly girls... well, they went swimming!

 I know it may appear to be warm and sunny,
but it is CCCOLDDD!!!
Saturday the younger two girls competed in the AWANAS Games...

 See this AWESOME Sparky!?!
She's mine too!
She REALLY LOVED being Sparky and I think she will gladly do it again! Her favorite part was all the hugs from the little ones! She was the best Sparky ever! She danced and hugged and danced some more! She was AWESOME!!!
 Then on Sunday, my WONDERFUL friend Julie came to visit! Thanks Julie! It was so great to visit with you!! {{HUGS}}

 We went to another friends heated pool for a dip.
Mini Chip made a friend and LOVED playing with his orange ball.
Braving the waters... 
What fun!!

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