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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February is finished...

My older two girls participated in the Jr. High AWANAS Games on Sunday the 26th.

 They played really well and took home first place! :-)
 My friend, Heather, later gave us all haircuts...
 This man is adorable even when crabby and sitting in a funky chair... :-)
Uncle Nate sure is great!
We joined a fantastic church and...

...purchased this camper. It is very nice and fits our family very well!
Can't wait to go camping!!! :-)

And on the last day of February...
the big girls entered a bookmark contest at the library.
Nobody seems to be sure when we will get the results from the contest. So, we will just wait for the notice to arrive in the mail... :-)

That concludes our February. It was a Fabulous month and it is Finished! :-)

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