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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Freeze Drying Party

A couple friends and I had an idea to make a home freeze-dryer and preserve our own food that way.
So, we had a freeze drying party, of course!!
It was really fun!! We chopped so much fruits and veggies that day!! I did a little of everything from sweet potatoes to onions to strawberries to asparagus. Put it in a cooler with dry ice and ... we got the recipe from the internet. And, well, it did not work :-( So, not to be deterred so easily, we spent the remainder of the week trying this and that, and in the end... no go. :-(
We put the food into the freezer and it is still usable but it is most definitely NOT freeze dried.
We had such a blast doing it though, it was well worth the time, effort, etc. And now I feel like I know a couple awesome ladies better! :-) I am a blessed woman!

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