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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dad, Drama, Lemons, and March

My Dad drives truck over the road and arranged a trip here to visit us on Sunday after church.
Mini Chip sure enjoyed "driving" his big truck!
I think the boy was inspired to drive his train later! :-)
We celebrated Oreo's birthday with him and Uncle Nate.
The girls joined the Drama Club with our homeschooling group and attended practice on Monday.
Also on Monday, I went to a doctors appointment. I have run out of milk and I heard that there is a prescription medication that can help with production. Well, that is true, but it is not legal in the US. There is another one that is available in the US but Mr. Cookie and I feel that the side effects are too great a risk to try it. :-(
I have been drinking Mother's Milk Tea and taking herbal drops as well. That combined with prayer will hopefully see us through to abundant milk production.
I have been squeezing LOTS of lemons and freezing the juice to make super yummy lemonade in the REALLY HOT months.
The kids are still in horseback riding lessons on Wednesday afternoons and Awanas on Wednesday evenings. Busy, busy!!
We have started working on our JA Biztown unit and should complete it in time for the Seminars and Program later this year.
It takes all the strength he can muster, but he pushes his sister around on his train!
It is the end of March! Time flies so fast! Look out April, here we come!

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