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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Homeschool Happenings and Daily Doings

Oreo Cookie made a raft and it started a sink/float experiment in the bathroom sink. We were amazed that a piece of paper floats on the water for a pretty long time even with weight on it before it is too saturated with water and sinks.
Butterscotch Chip Cookie has been practicing being a hair stylist on her mannequin. Chocolate Chip Cookie agreed to be her real life model... very pretty and stylish don't you think!
We found this dragon fly on the sidewalk out front of our house. It is in perfect shape, but is not alive. We put it in a see through container and plan to use it in our Science class as a real-life specimen. Very Cool!
Oreo Cookie told her Uncle Rick that she would catch him a lizard for Christmas! :-o Where was I during this conversation, I don't know, but... Butterscotch Chip Cookie had our first live siting!! I tried to zoom in on him to show you where he is. He then disappeared on the other side of the wall.

He was trying hard to look like a branch. Looks like he was already on the run in the second picture.
On Monday, Butterscotch Chip made our lunch of Grilled Cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and watermelon with fruit punch to drink. What a treat!
Grandpa Cookie gave Oreo the recipe for her favorite spicy pretzels. She whipped up a batch on Monday night... YUM! We will bring them for snacks on our trip this weekend.
Tuesday Oreo Cookie was our Chef of the Day. She made some super yummy chili cheese burritos and served them with sugar snap peas and watermelon with Blood Orange Italian Soda. These were sooo good! Last night we had leftover night for supper and Oreo made the rest of them for Mr. Cookie.
He loved them too! :-)

Oreo has been helping Mini Chip learn to crawl. This morning he concentrated extra hard...

And look what happened!! He has a concentration tongue!!! :-))) LOVE IT!! TOO CUTE!!
And when concentrating that hard, you blow bubbles...
And drool... ALOT!!    :-)   LOL!!

Well, school is over for the day and we need to pack for our trip. We are leaving tomorrow morning at 4 am to go to camping and boating for a long weekend.
Tonight the girls have Awanas at a local church here and are excited to be making friends.

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