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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mini Chips Milestones

Mini Chip Here!
Mommy said I could tell you about my milestones, so here goes...

I love to chew on all things, especially this bumpy teething ring thing. YUM!

This is me and my Daddy!
We love to smile, laugh, and giggle together!
My Mommy says we are adorable!
My Mommy thinks this picture of me is too cute too!
Just look at those "Sparkling Eyes"!
You may remember my Mommy telling you about me finding my hands,
 And they are really neat things to play with.
She says I often look like I am praying.
Mostly, I think they taste so nummy and they are good for chewing on too!

And then,

I found these things too!
Mommy says they are my toes!
I even love playing with them and my sister too!
I really love playing with my toes, they are great fun!
And right when I thought I had everything figured out,
I learned to do this!
I hold on really tight with all four of my parts!
Now Daddy says I'm a baby monkey!
And I look like one too!

I am learning and growing so well!
See you soon,
Mini Chip

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