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Sunday, September 26, 2010

This week...

I ordered this Ergo baby carrier last week and received it on Monday. It is soo comfy! I was not sore at all after using it.
Look at his cute little hand and foot sticking out during his nap!
We picked this up at a used kids stuff store. Officially it belongs to Chocolate Chip because it is pink with princesses and Daddy doesn't think that is so good for his boy. Unofficially it is Mini Chips favorite place to play during school and any time really. We got it because it is the perfect height for him in his Bumbo chair.
He loves playing in it soo much! Here he got really frustrated and actually screamed for help :.(
Oreo doesn't think I should show you pictures of him like this, but I think he is adorable!
Both here...
And here! He really enjoys his toys!

Here is Butterscotch Chip in her new outfit she picked out at the mall the other day.
See all that stuff in the background... I still have a little more organizing to do... not much though.
Chocolate Chip picked this outfit to wear and then Butterscotch Chip did her hair. She had braids in the night before so it is wavy, then she braided the sides and put them up. It is really pretty. Notice the shoes... Chocolate Chip says that they are teacher shoes and since I won't wear them to school, she did. Well, they are too small for me, but too big for her. My girls sure have a laundry list of ideas about "how real school is". It makes me a little sad that they do not realize that "real learning" takes place regardless of "where" they are and "what" they wear. I am doing my best to get them to understand. They will get it I'm sure! :-)

I was admiring Mini Chips little spiral, so, I thought I would share it with you... :-)
 I read somewhere recently about God's designs being repeated in nature... I could have added this picture to the list of repeats. :-)

Maggie sits at the table so nice! LOL! One of the girls snapped this photo... cute kitty.


  1. Oh you got the Ergo with the stars....I LOVE IT! I wore Jonathan on my back so much, especially when I was making dinner! Love his swirl!

  2. Yes, the stars... it was so hard to decide... :-)
    His swirl matches galaxy photos and hurricane photos and lots more things in nature too! I love it too!