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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nate's Reggata

Here it is... sorry it took so long.
It was written on Sept. 20 and I added pics today.
(I don't have all of the pictures yet, but I will share what I have for now.)

We left last Thursday morning(Sept. 16) for Parker, AZ, to attend my brother's annual Regatta.
The weather was scorching hot and the scenery was beautiful!
According to Webster's dictionary, a regatta is a rowing, speedboat, or sailing race or a series of such races. In this case, it is a gathering of a bunch of friends and customers at the river for the purpose of boating and racing boats that my brother has worked on.

First things being first and all... we went out on the boat! It is the craziest thing but I have been out in a boat more since moving to the desert than I ever have living in the land of 10,000 lakes!
Mini Chip in his life jacket.
That boy passes out every time we get into a boat! He just sleeps like a baby - Heehee! :-)
We rented a cabin and went boating, tubing, eating, visiting, sitting, laughing, giggling, cheering... and lots of other "ings". LOL!  ;-)  We had a blast!
Mini Chip and Daddy playing and giggling again!
(Makes me giggle remembering...)
I must admit that I felt very proud of my brother for all he has accomplished. I was amazed time and again at how respected and loved he is, especially in the area of his boat knowledge.
This is one of the boats he works on.
One sad and scary thing that happened was this boat tipped upside-down! on the river! I am told that this is a rare occurance and needs just the right circumstances for it to occur... SCARY!! Thankfully, no one was hurt and several thousand dollars later, the boat was again upside-right on it's trailer. It will take several more thousands to fix all that is wrong with it... but never fear!
Nate is always on the job!!
Chocolate Chip was her uncle's helper and gopher.

I was talking with my brother and some others when someone laughed and started taking pictures of our passed out little guy! All that fresh air... CUTE!!
Here the girls are tubing behind that boat out there. The mountains you see on the other side of these pictures are in California. We are staying on the Arizona side of the Colorado River.
Here is a close-up of the girls on the tubes.
The rest of us hung out at Nate's camp on the river bank and cheered them on.
The girls made some friends at the campgrounds.
This is one of Oreo Cookie's friends (Doc's granddaughter).

That is all the pics I have right now. I know that I took some really good ones on Scott's camera but it is on his boat up at Lake Pleasant. He will get it on Saturday, so, hopefully I will have more soon.
Love and Hugs,

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