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Friday, October 8, 2010

Drawing Class

On Friday, the girls took a "graphite drawing class" for art.
(It was on one of the Veggietales DVD's.)
Here they are working on their drawings of Princess Petunia:
They really enjoyed the challenge.
See Oreo's concentration legs and tongue?!
The tongue she borrowed from Mini Chip, but the legs are all hers!
(I know Mom, I can hear you!)
You can see the "art teacher" behind Chocolate Chip.
Drawing is one of Butterscotch Chips favorite things to do.
Here is Butterscotch Chip's masterpiece
 And Oreo's masterpiece.
And Chocolate Chip's masterpiece.
Isn't it interesting how different the sizes of the drawings are?
They also created masterpieces of 2 other characters.
And here we have Mini Chip's masterpiece. :-)
See how his arms aren't touching the floor.
He is so strong and anxious to move! Yikes!
The drool is a bonus for ya'll and pretty much unavoidable! :-)

Celebrating homeschooling,

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