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Friday, October 29, 2010

School Pictures ~ Proofs

Talk about tough decisions!
This is as narrowed down as I got so far and I think I may take more...
...we will see.
Maybe I will do a vote and you all can help me
(since decisions are not exactly my strong point!)
Be looking for that post after I take some more!
Fun! :-)

 You giggled didn't you! LOL!
Me too, every time I see it! LOL!

Gorgeous children! I know! They are so awesome!!

Some of these are a touch blurry because I took the pictures a little too far out. My camera is not fixed yet and I have been using Oreo's. Her camera is awesome and I love the compact size of it and for everyday pictures, it rocks! Thanks for letting me borrow it Oreo! For portrait type shots, I sure could use my camera. I think I will have to find somewhere to take it for repairs. I need to update my GPS too. Sounds like with those two and the other computer, I need an electronic repair errand day. YUCK! Sounds dreadful!! LOL! I'll let you know how it goes.

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