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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Look Around... Part 2

Okay, back to our "virtual visit"! :-)
Last time we left off entering the kitchen from the classroom.

Here's to the left

Here's to the right

This is the plant ledge above my messy counter.
 Turning to the right, this is the center island in the kitchen.
It has great storage space.
The sink side of the kitchen. On the ledge there I have 2 pie pumpkins (pies and roasted seeds all in one-Yum!) The plants are basil and spearmint. Spearmint leaves smashed in lemonade is sooo refreshing!
The business side of the kitchen. I am so happy to have a gas stove back! Food just cooks better. I don't know why. I guess it's because I'm cooking with gas! HaHa! :-) The black countertops and the stainless appliances look really nice but they are really hard to keep clean! Not recommended with little fingerprints running rampant!
The plant ledge above the refridgerator.
The wonderful pantry! Do you know how much stuff fits in here!?! ALL OF IT!! And there's even extra room for I don't know what! LOVE IT!! I kind of spread stuff out in here, just because I can! LOL!! :-)
Our dining room. Oh, the lively conversations that take place here! Love it!
 Here, the TV/fireplace side of the family room.
Mini Chip relocated to watch his fishes go around. You can see his new discovery center in the box there in front of the fireplace. He and Daddy are going to put it together later. :-)
The comfy, cozy side of the living room.
I am experimenting with curtains. Not sure what will be there in the end.

Well, that is the end of A Look Around Part 2... I will post again soon.

Love and hugs,


  1. OMG I think i finally figured out how to excited

  2. Thank you Mrs. Taffy!

    Oh, Julie, I am so excited too! I bet it wasn't as hard as you thought it was going to be (it wasn't for me either the first time I did it). Now we have to work on getting your mug to show up! LOL! And when you figure that out, let me know so I can fix mine too! :-)

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  4. Wait a minute! Mine is there already! Oops! Wonder how I did that!?! LOL! :-)