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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Look Around... Part 1

I have a little time, so, I thought I would start a little walk-thru of our home since we are getting pretty settled in now. This way you can "see" where we are. Kind of like a "virtual visit". :-)

So, welcome to my home!
When you come through the front door, this is what you will see
(and me, of course, with BIG hugs!)
Mini Chip is there in his car seat ready to greet you with some loving drool!! LOL!
The living room is the first room on the right. This room was HUGE! So, we divided it into two rooms by putting bookcases back-to-back. This way I have bookcases in both the living room for reading and in the classroom for school and a wall between the two rooms. :-)
This is the bookcase in the living room with books (needs organizing, but I am so grateful for the shelf!). The other bookcase has my scrapbooking supplies (TONS of supplies! So fun!).
And then the living room furniture. I LOVE this furniture! It is so comfy to curl up with a book or a cup of coffee and chit-chat. The kids like to use this room for the computer.
It is a really small room and I like it that way! Super cozy!
This is the classroom side of the "wall". It is really full of school supplies, books, games, craft stuff, etc. It may look crazy, but it is actually really organized and I am so grateful to have all of the supplies for school and the space to organize them. The desks you see there are Oreo's on the left and Butterscotch Chip's on the right. They have a cube with 2 drawers beneath each one for their books and stuff. The TV is not actually connected yet... we'll see. :-)
 This is the front of our classroom. The world map on the left, U.S. map on the right, and the white board in the middle. Below the white board is our class calendar, lunch menu, and attendance chart where we are keeping track of the number of days we are in school. On the floor below that is Mini Chip's learning station. He is about to graduate to a Baby Einstein discovery center. He's so big already! The desk there on the left is Chocolate Chip's.
Here is my desk and bookcase. Full, but organized. The picture is a little dark, but my teacher books are there under the clock and some frequently used supplies are on the shelves there. My computer hangs out on my desk (where I am sitting right now as I write this) and the trash and recycling for the classroom is there at the end of my desk. The printer is in front of my desk sitting on the math cubby and the empty cubby below that has no purpose yet. :-)
This is the planner on my desk. In it each one of the kids has their own color. From my planner I write the kids schedules on the board and they copy them into their planners first thing each morning. This way they know what they need to get done during the day and can easily transition from one subject to the next at their own pace. Works great so far! :-)
This picture was taken standing in the classroom, looking down the hall further into the house. The first door on the left is the laundry room/mud room off the garage. The messy counter is my "hot spot" that always seems to be full and so hard to keep clutter free. It is across from the center island in the kitchen. The next door on the left is the pantry. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having a pantry!! LOVE IT!! If you were to keep going, there is a hallway to the left right after the pantry, then the TV, and then the fireplace, and the door out to the patio and the pool.

Well, we barely made it through the front door, but I hope you have enjoyed Part 1 of A Look Around... Part 2 will be posted soon! :-)

Love and hugs,

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