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Friday, October 8, 2010

A Good Deal of Treasures

:-)  :-)   :o)  :o)   It is official!!!  :-)  :-)   :o)  :o)

We have gone to our very first Arizona garage sale!
We were so happy to see the sign we screamed!!
We really did!!
Otherwise it really wasn't anything to jump up and down about. Everything was really dirty and old... not that that is always a bad thing, just that the books had ALOT of dust and grime on them and stuff like that.

Here is what we found:
 I wasn't sure I really wanted the book on Mythology and The Forbidden Files but lucky for me all five books together were 75 cents.
For that price I'll figure it out later! :-)

These movies I picked up at a local Christian book store:
For pre-ordering one of them, I received one with 3 episodes for free and 1 at half price and 5 for $5 including 2 with 2 episodes and 1 with 3 episodes.
We found Pistachio at a used childrens store for $3.

The girls are pretty happy to get some new shows to watch. We do not have TV down here yet (not even local channels) I love it! :-) I know that given the choice, they would watch other things. I have not given them that option. I allowed them to watch some of the popular shows that were on when we lived back in Minnesota. The result was alot of back-talking, sassing, them thinking they run the show, and that I owe them. No, thank you!! It was most likely not as bad as that sounds, but it was enough! I am retraining them the way that I should have to begin with. I believe that the skills needed to choose the influences that they allow into their lives are not going to happen in a healthy way without guidance. And so, back to square one...
Veggie Tales, Little House, and Faith like Potatoes!
:-) And we love them and their silly songs too! :-)

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