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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Wonderful Weekend

Another wonderful Bountiful Basket!
This is our second and Oreo and I really love our Saturday mornings together! We picked up coffee from the corner store and went to volunteer. This time we went to a different pick-up location because the other one was not available.
Don't you just love how God works!
This site is AWESOME! It was alot smaller than the other one (being a small town girl myself - I LIKE IT!) and the people are fantastic! AND we met the lady that told us about it, a wonderful gal from Wisconsin.
Our first mountain hike!
I've gotta tell ya, we LOVE hiking!! We have never done it up a mountain before, but we love it!
We went hiking up Estrella Mountain with the Awana group the kids joined.
It was pretty fantastic to this Minnesotan, don't ya know!
We don't have mountains in Minnesota, however, this is what I would consider a Minnesotan sized mountain. Not too big!
And then on Sunday, we were blessed to have Uncle Nate join us for supper!
It is really awesome getting to know him again! Can you BELIEVE he has been down here for 15 years already!!! Good grief!
He's not too fond of all my camera snapping.
He will adjust eventually! LOL!! :-)

Mr. Cookie is actually really sick in these photos. He has had something brewing and has been doing alot of sleeping and alot of feeling miserable. I pumped him full of Dayquil and drug him up a mountain... it really didn't sound like that bad of an idea at the time... we had been so looking forward to this trip.
Fever, cough, tired... I think I will find a doctor to check him out... I will keep you posted.

Mini Chip needs to have a check-up too. He is getting soo big! He is probably about 17 pounds right now at 18 weeks. That, to me, is huge when you consider that my girls did not reach 20 pounds until long past a year old!

Much love,

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